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Easing Up And Letting What Is

Pay attention to your body now. Are you tensing up? Are there areas that are tight, without you even realizing it?

Chances are, if you're like most people, you have tension arising in certain places subconsciously. You're not even the one tensing up. It's just happening to you. If you're lucky, you notice. But most of the time, the tightness gnaws away at us silently.

There are times when it's particularly helpful to notice when you're tensing up. Think back on the last time you got upset. It doesn't matter how upset you were, but just remember a time. For me, it wasn't too long ago.

When you were upset, you were likely resisting whatever it was that happened. That resistance created physical tension inside of you. If you were present and able to witness that as it happened, you would've had the power to ease up and let the event unfold without it upsetting you.

Most of the time we're not present, so we have no doorway into easing our tension.

How can you let go of something if you don't even know you're holding it? Wouldn't it first make sense to bring conscious awareness to the fact that you're holding it, so that then you could consciously let it go?

It's the same with our resistance to the unfolding of events around us. We dislike most of what happens because it doesn't serve our blueprint of how the world should be. This creates an inner environment of constant tension and stress.

That is, unless we bring awareness to our inner resistance, awareness to the parts of our body that are tensing up. If we do this, then we can relax and release that tension back into the universe where it belongs.

It's just pure energy, getting released from your tiny little body into the vast, expansive universe. There's no need to hold it all in.

Let it pass through you. Don't bottle it up. The energy of what's happening around you wants to dance freely. You don't have to capture and hold it hostage.

Let it go. Release the tension.

But first, notice the tension.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz



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