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Dancing With The Breeze

Floating, with grace.

Freely, amongst space.

Anywhere it goes, inward it knows.

Limitless in nature, boundaries are none.

Everything around, and it, are one.

No desire for this, no wanting for that.

Only respect, for the way of the breeze.

You have to wonder: does life know what it's doing?

Is there a higher power that we ought to respect more in our day to day lives? Between our planet and our species, we seem to have an abnormal amount of problems. But is that life's doing, or our doing?

Part of the reason we have so many problems is due to our lack of trust in the process of life. As individuals we're not okay inside because of the garbage we've collected in our minds over the course of our existence. Then because of this, we feel the need to step in and make things better, without thinking of the consequences.

Rather than looking within, we head straight for our external circumstances - our jobs, cities, relationships, diets, gyms, friends, TV shows, and hobbies. We don't look within to see if maybe the problem is inside of us. Or if we do, we quickly get scared and revert back to what we know.

We're so small-minded that it doesn't matter that the Earth has been around for 4 billion years, or humans for 200,000 years. We just think that we, as individuals and communities, need to impose our willpower on reality to make it a certain way, all because we're not okay inside.

My challenge to you: get okay inside. Don't depend on the outside world to feel good. Learn to feel good no matter what's going on. Then you can operate in a much more wholesome, participatory way with reality.

I wonder what would happen if we did a little less resisting, and a little more dancing with the breeze called reality.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz


The universe has been unfolding for billions of years, so why not trust what it has in store by harmonizing with reality, rather than fighting it.
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