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Creativity and being blocked at work

Your personal mind is not creative. In fact, it's destructive. It only thinks about itself, and sees itself as the center of the whole universe. It just tries to get what it wants.


I know that for me, getting lost in my mental chatter has inhibited my creativity in so many ways, and I'm finally learning simple techniques to get past this conundrum.

Work is a great place to let go of this part of you - the self that constantly talks, worries, and distracts you from what's really important in life.

Creativity is your breath. It's every moment of your life. It springs up naturally all the time. It's your natural state. It comes from the deeper part of your brain.

When we're blocked, it feels awful. We start to worry.

What if I don't finish in time? What if no one likes this? What if I get fired? Oh my god now I'm worried how am I going to finish this?

Sound familiar?

To tap into our creativity, always start with centering. Just acknowledge that you're blocked. Say, "Okay, I'm blocked."

Don't get mad at yourself. Don't get scared. That will block you more. Just accept that you're blocked.

Then, once you can accept the reality of being blocked, start by doing everything in passes. First say, "I have no intention of getting this right this time. This is just a first pass that has no meaning, it doesn't mean a single thing, and it's just to get started. There will be many passes."

Don't try to do something right the first time. Give yourself the right to do it in passes. This is essential to get unblocked.

"I'm blocked, that's fine, I love being blocked. I'm going to take a first pass that won't be good. No pressure, I'm just going to make a high level pass from start to finish and see what comes out."

Just keep writing! Keep sketching! Keep designing! Just keep doing what you're doing without judgement.

Make it a game! Let it be fun! Because when you do that, the natural flow of spiritual energy has room to come up, and the next thing you know, all of the sudden you're blossoming.

I find that when I'm writing, if I just start writing with no intention of getting it right, I actually end up getting it right.

Sure, I make some edits after, and move a few things around, but the meat of it is there. All because I accepted that I was blocked and still decided to move my fingers and let creativity flow.

How amazing is that?

The next time you're blocked, accept that you're blocked, and just start something. After all, something is better than nothing.

Live with substance!


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