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Coping With A Lack Of Trust And A Desire To Control

Now more than ever, people are experiencing unprecedented levels of distrust and lack of faith in public officials. People are unable to trust the government to do the right thing, and unable to control the seemingly outlandish actions of others.

But just because we can't trust or control these things, does not mean we can't trust or control at all.

We must first understand that the sense of trust and control is what we're longing, and not necessarily trust or control of a particular thing.

Knowing this, there is a solution in sight, which is that we can trust that we cannot trust. From this place of newfound trust, we can then act in compassion.

You see, so often we grasp and leap to try to grab hold of things we can't control - the government, other peoples' actions, the weather, and more.

However, we have to realize that what we're grasping for is the sense of control, and yet we're looking at things out of our control.

If in fact we're actually looking for a sense of trust and control, then we already have that. If we can't trust the government, we can trust our inability to trust the government. If we can't control our anxiety, we can control our relationship to it.

Remember what you're after. You're after control. You're after freedom. You're after peace. Just because you can't control the government, or your boss, or your spouse, you can control how you relate to all of those things.

When you take this approach, you're now in control, which is what you wanted in the first place.

It's just like everything else in life. It's not about what's going on outside, and completely and fully about what's going on inside.

You cannot control anything that happens in the outside world. You are in complete control of your inner world. It's time to take charge.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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