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An Invitation To Stop And Ask Yourself This Important Question

Have you ever stopped to ask what you're doing here?

Not existentially or philosophically, but actually. Why are you doing the things you're doing in your life? What is behind all of your actions? More specifically...

Why are you showing up to work tomorrow? Why are you taking that art class after school? Why are you going on that diet? Why do you party every weekend? Why do you spend thousands of dollars gambling? Why do you travel somewhere new every weekend? Why are you on the board of three non profits? Why are you the president of your class? Why are you trying to start a family? Why do you go on so many dates?

Why are we all moving in the directions we're moving? Have you paused to ask yourself this?

If you stop and think - think really hard - we all have the same motive. We just want a pleasant experience of life. We all want to feel good inside, whatever that looks like to us individually .

But most of us go about this quest like chickens with our heads cut off, so blindly, so ignorantly, so naively. We are all fighting with reality to make it the way we as individuals think it should be (remember there are almost 8 billion of us, which is almost 8 billions opinions of how reality should unfold).

But then along with the 8 billion people, there are 13.8 billion years of all of the forces of creation playing out in front of us, which we had no part in deciding.

Then there's you, one spec in all of these billions and billions and billions of things, and you feel responsible for creating your reality. And you feel this need because you're not okay.

Well, I'm asking you, why aren't you okay?

Pause and ask yourself this. Why aren't you feeling good already? Why do things need to happen differently for you to feel okay inside? Why do you feel responsible for making sure everything happens a certain way? Ask yourself these questions. Challenge yourself. You don't need to come up with an answer, but for goodness sake ask.

So, don't stop what you're doing forever. Just stop for long enough to ponder what it is you're doing in your life right now, and why you're doing it. You might realize you're wasting your precious energy on things that don't matter, and then free up energy for things that do.

Why are you doing the things you're doing?

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz



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