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A Tree Grows, Because A Tree Knows

A tree grows, because a tree knows.

No thinking required,

for the weightless seedling to become the sturdy oak.

A tree, just a tree.

Nothing more, nothing less.

With all wisdom it needs, and therefore contentment with how it is.

A tree does not try to become, because it already is.

For the seedling knows without ever having to think,

how to transform itself day by day,

into what you see today.

A tree grows, because a tree knows,

for when it aligns itself to life,

it is taken care of.

Water, sunshine, soil, and seedling,

None greater than the other.

But when they come together, a miracle happens.

A tree knows this miracle,

because a tree is this miracle.

A tree does not look left and right for permission to grow,

It simply allows life to take control.

Putting trust in the powers that made it be.

A tree knows that life knows.

And that's enough.

An oak tree never wishes it was a pine tree.

For an oak tree knows that it is enough,

not because it's better than the pine,

but simply because it exists.

Alive, breathing.

What more could it need?

A tree is a tree,

and that is enough.


Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz



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