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Every day is new. Yet every day is the same.

When will you realize it's not the world that must change?

Every day you wake up, then go to sleep.

When will you realize, that nothing here is for you to keep?

When will you learn to participate, to dance and play?

Why need anything else, just to make you okay?

Aren't you okay, just as you are?

Is your breath not enough, or even your heart?

Why has the norm, become the longing for more?

When everything is here, within our core?

All that we seek, all that we desire,

Is it really out there, or are we playing with fire?

By looking ahead, behind and to the side,

Are we kidding ourselves, with the intention to hide?

Grief, anxiety, many lost souls,

trying to find home, no clue where to go.

What if home was closer than we thought.

What if home was here, now.

Is it not?

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