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Your journey to inner fulfillment
3 Steps to Inner Peace - A Mini Workbook (PDF)


3 Steps to Inner Peace - A Mini Workbook (PDF)

  • Find freedom from your everyday suffering.

    From mild annoyances to chronic pain, this workbook is designed to help you work with disturbances the moment they arise. 


    In this workbook, you'll uncover a lot about your inner state. Specifically, you'll learn how to:


    1. Notice your disturbance
    2. Notice your urge to fix it
    3. Pause and relax before taking action


    Sounds simple, because it is!

  • Easily printable PDF

    Use the digital version or print out the PDF worksheet. Keep it handy on your desktop, save it to your phone, or hang it up on your wall so you never forget your 3 steps to inner freedom!

  • 27 pages filled with substance!

    Learn where your happiness comes from, what's getting in the way of it, and how you can overcome those disturbances that seem to ruin your day. 

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