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Your happiness is on you

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is preventing your and my happiness or opportunity for a wildly successful and fulfilled life except the mush between our two ears.


Let me repeat that. NOTHING.

Whether you're a minority, gay, straight, born with three legs, or sexually attracted to trees (that's a thing), none of that matters when it comes to your happiness. Why? Because nobody can make you happy except you.

I recognize I am a privileged white male in America, but I also listen to and learn from the greats, and I know they would echo my sentiment. The truth is, I'm echoing what they say, because I wholeheartedly agree.

So stop complaining! If you're fighting for a better world, or to combat injustice, that's awesome. But if you're just complaining that things suck, you suck!

Before you get all upset at me - what I mean is, in a business and happiness sense, no one cares. Of course your mom loves and cares about you. Of course your spouse cares. Of course your kids care.

But the "happiness Gods" don't care, because you're your own happiness God.

Complaining is pointless.

So it's up to YOU and only YOU to create a space inside your head and your heart where no matter what happens, you're happy.

It's not easy, and it takes time, but what's the alternative?

No really - what's the alternative?

Dream about a better life until we die? Or actually use what we've got - what God gave us as unique individuals - and go after what we want every single day.

And always remember...

Live with substance!


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