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What is Life, Anyway?

I recently took a momentary pause to what I was doing so I could dump some thoughts onto paper. Sometimes thoughts run through me, and as the witness I feel compelled to capture them.

Here's what they said:

If you're confused, going through a hard time, or just feel like life is overly complex and you don't have a clue of how to make sense of it, remember that things will happen.

Life is a never-ending stream of events unfolding one after another, and you're here to witness a few of them. Some will play on your heart strings in one way, and others will play on them in another way. Neither is better or worse. You just experience them differently.

Your heart is an instrument, and life is the musician. Meanwhile, your mind is there all along, trying to get a word in, trying to take over the show.

I've come to learn that when life gets overly complicated, it's better to just let life play the show, and only pay attention to my mind when it stays within its lane. Otherwise, I must recognize when it veers out so I can not pay attention to it.

Mind belongs to conscious usage, not unconscious usage. Use your mind when you need to solve a problem, or imagine a better future. Otherwise, don't use it at all. But most of all, don't let it use you. It'll be active. It'll be there nonstop. But over time, it'll start fading away. It won't have any power over you. With each passing day, it'll have less of a hold on you.

Do the work to start understanding what's happening here. It's not complex if you look at the few ingredients at play.

Life, God, creation, the universe - whatever you want to call it - is everything that happens outside of your individual control (which is 99.9999999% of everything). Then there's your body, subject to science; your mind, subject to its experiences; and your heart, subject to your mind.

But then, beneath it all, there's you, the witness to all of the above. You are the light that shines consciousness onto the universe, the body, the mind, and the heart.

Ultimately, it's your choice which to pay attention to the most, and how to relate to each of them.

Most of us grow up automatically paying so much attention, and relating so much, to our bodies, our minds, and our hearts, that we're totally unaware there's a deeper part of us inside watching it all.

The way out of suffering is to go within. The way to constant well-being (call it happiness, call it fulfillment, call it meaning, call it whatever you want) is to go within. There's absolutely nothing outside that will give you what you're searching for.

Why? Because deep down, you're not searching for pleasure. Your body might be. Your egoic mind might be. But you're not.

You just want that constant flow of peaceful, joyful energy.

So no matter how difficult, overwhelming, or complex life seems at the time, remember that all of that is happening outside of you. You're actually safe in there. Maybe not out there, but in there you are.

Keep searching for truth within yourself, beyond your body, heart, and mind.

What's the one thing that doesn't ever change amidst all the external change? One day, you'll find out that it's you.

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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