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What Are You Actually Looking For?

What do you think is going to change once you get what you want? Do you really think your life will magically be fixed once you have that thing?

I've spent a lot of my life wanting cool stuff. Cars are a big passion of mine. Specifically, exotic cars. I've always wanted to own them, but most of all, drive them. I've drooled over cars since I was four years old. You could say that cars are in my DNA.

But, let's be real. As a seeker of inner truth, I must ask the question, will my quality of life really change when I own and drive these cars?

Let's suppose I suddenly have a few of these cars in my garage (let's also pretend I have a garage, which I do not).

Okay, so, a few exotic cars are sitting there. Great. Dream achieved, right? Life all of the sudden is great, right? All problems gone, right?

Come on. You know the answer. Of course not. If anything, more problems now!

More things to stress me out. More property to protect. More scheduling to do, figuring out when and how I'm going to drive them. More negotiating with my significant other to figure out a fair balance on where I devote my time, now that I have three exotic cars.

The point is, the problems I experience now will all still be here, if not magnified, when I supposedly "get what I want."

Will there be pockets of joy that I wouldn't otherwise have been able to experience? Absolutely!

But do I really think those pockets of joy are the "answer" that I'm looking for?

I hope not.

In your life, it might not be cars. It might be a lifestyle. It might be a career. It might be a house. It might be the curing of an ailment. Whatever it is, it's all the same in the end.

It's all a false promise that tricks us into thinking that's what we really want.

Sure, we might want those things because they tickle our fancy. But what we really want is to feel a constant sense of love, joy, and inner peace. We want to feel alive, all the time. We want to feel turned on. We want to experience the energy of life flow through us without needing anything from the outside world.

That's what we really want.

So why settle for these fleeting pockets of joy, dependent on outside forces, when we can instead learn to fall into the flow of life wherever we are and experience the true richness of what life has to offer?

Live with substance!

Gabe Orlowitz

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