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The lies we tell ourselves

When all you do is talk, you lie to yourself.


Surely when you talk, you bring up your hopes and dreams.

But if you're only talking and not doing, then you're lying to others, but more importantly, you're lying to yourself.

I've been plenty guilty of this.

When's the last time you've told someone your dreams or ambitions, but then months have passed and you haven't done anything to accomplish them?

I'll tell people a story, a story about where I'm headed, or what I'm up to, but then if I look under the covers of my own life, it's not exactly true.

I might desire a Ferrari, but are my actions getting me closer? At times, maybe yes. But certainly not always.

We rarely question whether or not the story we tell ourselves and others is empowering or disempowering.

The next time you catch yourself telling someone a story about your life, ask yourself if it's helping or hurting you.

Live with substance!




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