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That Sunday Scary Feeling

Call 'em the scaries, call 'em the blues. It's that feeling you get on Sunday, when you just don't want to go back to school or work tomorrow.



Not only do I hate the feeling itself - the butterflies, the nostalgia, the feeling that I already miss my girlfriend because I'm going to be at work all day - but more importantly, I hate the fact that any of us feel this way.

On one hand, it's good. It's a signal that we're not quite happy enough in our work, that we ought to search for something else, something that makes us excited for Monday.

But none of us deserve to feel that. You and I have the right to be pumped for Monday, and Tuesday, and the whole week ahead. We have dreams, visions of what we want our lives to be, but our realities seem so far from it.

Let's make it happen! Let's go out there and start closing the gap between our realities and our vision.

Let's start writing things out. Getting clear on what we want. Daydreaming the heck out of our visions, and always doing something to get us one step closer.

Dream the painting, then paint the dream.

This is one of my favorite quotes, because it puts so simply what I feel is necessary to achieve anything great in life. You have to get clear on what it is, and then go out and get it.

How you get it is messy, unclear, and uncertain, but that's what you figure out along the way.

We're not supposed to know HOW to get there. All we have to know is two things:

  1. What we want (or where we want to go, what we want to feel) and,

  2. That we will do whatever it takes to get there.

All the rest will fall into place.

It's impossible to know HOW you're going to do something until you actually do it. The HOW is not important. That will fall into place with clarity and action.

So maybe, if you're feeling bummed about the week starting, you can spend 10 minutes writing down something you'd really like to make happen in your life.

Don't worry about how! Don't even pay attention to all the obstacles in the way. The immediate thoughts and feelings that pop into your head as soon as you start dreaming. Those are inevitable. Those will exist no matter what. Just acknowledge them and say,

"Sorry obstacles, you're not important now. I'm only focused on what *I* want, not you. I'll deal with you later"

I find that simply writing things down, getting them out of my head and onto paper, helps take a tiny step toward making that thing a reality.

So if you've got the Sunday scaries, if you've got the blues, the feeling of nostalgia, or anxiety, use it as a reminder that you're special and you want more out of your life.

Kick ass this week, and always...

Live with substance!




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