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Spec of awareness

This whole awareness thing just clicked some more.


We're just seeds of awareness, aware of everything that's going on around us.

The psyche is a gateway, or a filter that we've learned to apply (albeit destructively). And over time, the vast majority of mankind has been led to believe that he is his psyche. That man is his thoughts. That you are your name, your body, your upbringing.

When in reality, all those things are what you, a spiritual essence, has witnessed, and in some cases, influenced, over the years.

Literally all we are, at our core, is a spec of awareness, witnessing everything around us, from our bodies, to our minds, to our sensations, to our immediate surroundings, to what's on TV, who's around us, and more.

But at the center of all of that is each of our own, individual seed of awareness. Unbiased, nonjudgmental, awareness. Nothing more, nothing less.

So if it's true that we are just specs of awareness, observing everything that we know as our lives - our minds, bodies, and everything and everybody around us - then why do we waste time fighting with reality in our minds? Why are we living in the superficial tempest of the mind, when we know we have a real home way down under, where it's always calm, safe, and serene?

That is the journey of spirituality that few people dare to embark on. As I learn more about what it means to spiritually surrender, it becomes more clear to me that that's the only way to truly be happy.

What a fantastic journey to embark on!

Live with substance!


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