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A reminder to focus on progress, not the destination

I've found what's most helpful for me is to become passionate about something, and then focus obsessively on the consistency.


I talk about this in my post about New Year's resolutions.

I've found that with passion, a clear end goal, and then relentless focus on consistency and just making some form of progress, I'm better off in the long run.

This might not work for everybody, but it is the formula that has helped me gain the most results in my life.

Everything I've become successful at - whether it's learning to speak Spanish at a native level, mastering my physical body, eating nutrition-rich foods, or even doing this blog - it has been a result of focusing on the process and movement each and every day.

We can always get excited about the vision we create, but I've found it helpful to spend only 20% of my focus on that, while 80% is on the here and now.

Trust the process and let momentum take care of the rest.

Live with substance!


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